Olink technology is being applied by scientists around the world for more effective drug discovery & development, to drive clinical research and increase our understanding of human biology.

Drug discovery and development

Discover how pharmaceutical companies are integrating Olink into their protein biomarker programs, and how this can support all aspects of the drug discovery & development process, from target discovery through to clinical development and post-market surveillance.

Incomplete knowledge of the real-time biology underlying disease and drug action can drive up costs and time in drug development. Protein biomarkers, along with other omics markers, can be used to predict response, stratify patient populations, and provide insights into the biology of disease.

Researchers from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals use large scale protein biomarker discovery to identify a novel biomarker for hereditary transthyretin-mediated (ATTRv) amyloidosis disease onset and progression.

Multiomics approaches are increasingly being applied to tackle the big biological questions, and the combination of proteomics with genomics in particular is opening up new possibilities for better drug target identification.

Disease areas

Learn how Olink is being used across a wide range of therapeutic areas, to help understand the biology of disease and identify new biomarkers and protein signatures to stratify patients, predict outcomes and monitor disease progression and treatment responses.

See how Olink has collaborated with the research community to enable proteomic and multiomic studies providing vital insights into the underlying biology of disease severity, progression and recovery in COVID-19.

Predictive biomarkers remain a rapidly emerging area of research in immunotherapy. See how Olink is being used to identify minimally invasive protein biomarkers to monitor responses and predict outcomes in cancer immunotherapy

The inaccessibility of the brain and the relative scarcity of definitive physical parameters for clinical evaluation represent major challenges when it comes to neurological conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases and chronic pain.

Understanding human biology

Olink’s mission is to accelerate proteomics together with the scientific community, enabling a deeper understanding real-time human biology that will drive future drug development and the implementation of precision medicine. Learn more about how proteomics is now a central component of the technology toolbox being applied to key initiatives to answer some of the biggest questions in human biology.

Olink is being been increasingly incorporated into systems biology approaches to big biological questions, integrating proteomics with genomics, transcriptomics and other omics applications to get a bigger picture view and gain actionable insights.

Olink protein biomarker analysis and mass cytometry were combined to gain a systems-level understanding of early immune system development in newborn children by combining protein and cellular analysis.

Customer stories

Olink customers have some fascinating stories to tell about the incredible research they are doing with the help of actionable insights into their biological questions from protein biomarker discovery and analysis. Head over to the “Our community” page to see how these stories are making a difference across a broad range of disease areas and biological questions, as well as helping to drive the development of future therapies.