Olink inflammatory protein assays provide actionable insights across a broad range of diseases

Understanding human diseases through inflammatory proteins


Inflammation is a vital process in the body’s immunological responses to infection and injury, but also contributes significantly to the pathophysiology of human diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the disastrous potential of inflammatory molecules, where “cytokine release syndrome” resulting from excessive immune responses to the virus were responsible for severe/fatal outcomes in some patients.  In addition to well-characterised inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, systemic inflammation is now believed to be a central factor in a broad range of different conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, neurological conditions, and cancer.


Understanding  inflammation - the challenge

Studying inflammatory biology is a significant challenge. This is largely due to the complexity of the biology involved, with numerous interactions between multiple immune cell types and a plethora of different proteins involved in inflammatory and immune pathways.  Many of the key proteins involved, e.g. cytokines are also present at low concentrations, requiring methodologies that can sensitively and accurately measure multiple proteins simultaneously. Olink has an outstanding track record in inflammatory protein biomarker research.


A challenge worth meeting

Deeper understanding of the inflammatory mechanisms involved in disease will undoubtedly improve diagnosis, help predict outcomes and drive development of effective new therapies. As you will see in this web hub, Olink has a very strong track record in inflammation research and provides a powerful solution for such studies, offering the most comprehensive library of thoroughly validated, high-quality biomarker assays for inflammation-related proteins. This is available in a truly scalable and flexible offering that meets all research needs, from high-throughput, highplex biomarker discovery to customized lowplex protein analysis.


Did you know..
Olink’s inflammatory protein assays have been widely used by our customers? In 1013 peer-reviewed publications citing Olink up to October 2022, almost half of these studies (47%) used our specialist panels for inflammation-related proteins?

Professor Emma Guttman

“We are now experiencing a translational revolution in inflammatory skin diseases”

Professor Emma Guttman discusses why inflammatory protein biomarker analysis is revolutionising her research field and how Olink technology has been instrumental in her research.

Flex is here - upgrade your inflammation research​!

The Olink platforms scale our from our highplex biomarker discovery product Olink® Explore 3072, to midplex Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96, down to the customized lowplex Olink® Focus and Olink Flex offerings for protein biomarker analysis. Olink Flex is the latest addition to our portfolio:

  • Mix and match up to 21 human biomarkers
  • Choose from over 200 pre-validated assays with 99% combinability
  • 1 µL sample volume
  • Short hands-on time, no wash steps and minimal instrument maintenance

Say hello to Olink® Flex, Olink® Signature Q100 and Olink® Insight

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A storm we can’t weather… yet.

Add color and flair to your lab with our free poster explaining cytokine storm syndrome in the context of COVID-19. Based on research comparing five clinical studies using Olink data to understand COVID-19 severity, the poster demonstrates this key contributor to severe disease in vivid detail.


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