Proteomics at the heart of multiomics strategies

Scientists are increasingly taking a “systems biology” approach to complex biological questions, with studies that provide a bigger picture by looking at the multiple molecular and cellular aspects involved in the disease or process under investigation. In the wake of the past few decades of intense genomics research, additional approaches are adding vital insights into the dynamic biology underlying human health and disease.

These are exciting times for biomedical research and drug development, as we now begin to systematically analyze all the building blocks that make up human beings, taking us one step closer to the goal of precision medicine.

The most important building blocks are the proteins

Professor Mathias Uhlén on the promise of proteomics.

Here, you can learn how combining multiple omics technologies, with proteomics at the heart of such strategies, can give a much clearer and comprehensive picture of the real-time biology that underlies health and disease, and how this will drive future healthcare development.

Hear from industry experts on how proteomics is changing the way we develop new drugs and study disease.

The power of proteomics in multiomic studies

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Professor Mathias Uhlén describes the possibilities with proteomics.