A scalable solution for inflammation research

Olink offers the most comprehensive library of thoroughly validated, high-quality assays for inflammatory biomarkers, with around 800 assays for proteins associated with inflammatory and immune response biological functions. These are available via platforms that scale from our highplex biomarker discovery product Olink® Explore 3072, to midplex Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96, down to the customized lowplex Olink® Focus and Olink® Flex offerings for protein biomarker analysis. Our newest addition to the portfolio is Olink® Flex.

Olink® Flex – flexibility without compromise

Olink® Flex empowers scientists with unprecedented freedom to analyze inflammatory pathways.

  • A highly flexible and scalable solution for inflammatory protein biomarker analysis
  • Mix and match up to 21 protein biomarkers
  • Select from a library of thoroughly validated assays, with 99% combinability
  • Results presented in absolute quantification units
  • Only 1 µL sample required to measure up to 21 proteins simultaneously
  • Straightforward protocol with no washing steps required
  • Readout on our calibration-free, compact benchtop system Olink® Signature Q100
  • Integrated Olink® NPX Signature software for data QC, normalization, statistical analysis and publication-ready images in a seamless, streamlined workflow
  • Based on Olink’s proven PEA technology forconsistent and reliable data with excellent specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range

Olink® Flex

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Accelerate your approach to proteomics.

Introducing Olink® Insight Flex panel builder

Start designing your Olink Flex panel today in Insight Flex panel builder

A storm we can’t weather… yet.

The five-clinical study comparison by Suhre and his colleagues has demonstrated the central role of cytokine release syndrome in severe COVID-19. This complex process involves a plethora of immune system cell-type and effector molecules, which is illustrated in a poster that you can download.

See our easy-to-use, wash-free-protocol with less than 2h hands-on time.

A streamlined, seamless workflow from sample analysis to data interpretation

  • Save time at the lab bench:
    No washing in between steps, no need for sample replicates, little instrument maintenance required.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-follow protein analysis:
    Straightforward protocols with pre-defined sample dilution schemes.
  • Save sample and reagents:
    Only 1 µL sample volume required.
  •  Integrate data processing, normalization, QC, and statistical analysis in one dedicated software:
    Olink® NPX Signature is user-friendly with an easy interface to enhance efficient data analysis.
  •  Olink® Insight – new dimensions to data analysis
    To accelerate your research, use the interactive pathway browser, single-click automatic annotations and abstract and publication lists for your targets. Save panel designs and share with collaborators.

See our infographic

For a graphic summary of how the simple, wash-free workflow with comprehensive instrument, software and bioinformatics support for Olink Flex could upgrade your inflammation research and make running your protein assays simpler and more efficient, download our infographic, “Multiple washing steps are history – Introducing Olink® Flex”


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Workflow with Olink® Signature Q100. Signature Q100 has been created with a seamless workflow in mind, combining sample and IFC loading, qPCR readout, data pre-processing, and data analysis into one single instrument and software.

A validated, scalable solution for protein analysis

The Olink platform offers almost 3000 protein assays available via multiple disease and biological process-focused panels with a range of multiplexing levels. These panels include several focused on inflammation-related proteins, which, because of the dual-antibody recognition in PEA technology, can be combined in different constellations without the possibility of cross-reactivity. Our platform enables you to scale up or down based on your research needs, and measure either in absolute concentration (pg/mL) or our relative concentration unit, Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX). While our panels are optimized and formally validated for human blood plasma and serum, they also work well for other sample matrices, such as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and many others.

biomarker library

The Olink Flex inflammatory biomarker assay library

Explore our comprehensive selection of inflammation-related biomarker assays available in a platform that is both flexible and scalable.


Multiplex analysis of inflammatory proteins: A comparative study across multiple platforms

This white paper describes a study comparing the performance of three established multiplex platforms for measuring cytokines, based on the dynamic range, precision, dilution series in buffer, and linearity. This shows how the Olink platform demonstrates unmatched specificity in multiplex format, with wide dynamic range, delivering high quality, and reproducible data.


We have tested our assays so you don’t have to

Read about how we test our assays to ensure you get robust, reliable protein data without the need for re-runs or sample replicates.

Douglas Galasko, MD

The performance of Olink inflammatory biomarkers in CSF

In a study by Douglas Galasko profiling proteins related to mild cognitive impairment in HIV and Alzheimer’s patients, a performance test on the Olink platform detected 42 to 77% proteins in more than 75% CSF samples.

Learn more about the Olink platform workflow

Run Olink kits easily and conveniently in your own lab with Olink® Signature Q100, a dedicated solution for qPCR readout of Olink panels.

Learn more about Olink technology, and how our highly specific, robust protein assays deliver reliable, high-quality protein data.

Accelerate targeted protein biomarker research through high-multiplex immunoassays, providing uncompromised data quality and performance.


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