Elevate your protein
analysis​ to new heights

Next-generation proteomics is taking center stage in the progress towards personalized medicine solutions, by revealing true biological insights of human health and disease in real time.

With over 1300 publications, 50 clinical trials and key partnerships in the scientific community, Olink has been aiding researchers in accelerating this progress, by providing a robust technology with unparalleled specificity, wide-ranging solutions for various research needs, as well as partner-level support with study planning and data analysis. 

Olink’s flexible offering ensures a high-performance solution regardless of where you want to start your protein analysis, or what your research needs require. You can:

  • Choose or design protein biomarker panels covering various diseases and biological processes,
  • Measure 15 to 92 proteins simultaneously to give you a flexible approach,
  • Rely on robust, proven technology to ensure accurate data insights
  • Leverage free resources, including statistical and data visualization tools
  • Have full support from study planning to data analysis

Interested to know how it all works? Download our comprehensive overview on the key features of the proximity extension assay technology, and a stepwise guide on how Olink’s expert support services can accelerate your protein analysis to new heights!

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