11th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society

We welcome you to participate in the premier international meeting on ‘Cytokines’ that takes place worldwide and is regularly attended by 750-1,000 participants. The 11th edition comes at a time where cytokine biology, cytokine biomarkers and cytokine therapeutics are revolutionizing modern medicine, providing novel treatments for a wide variety of diseases ranging from lethal inflammatory, autoimmune and allergic diseases to viral infections and cancer.

This year’s theme is “Cytokines and interferons in the precision medicine era”, focusing on the latest developments on cytokine biology in relation to immune regulation, host damage and disease, and the latest progress on cytokines/cytokine inhibitors as novel therapeutics in the clinic.

The Cytokines Annual Meetings are recognized as an international platform for the world’s leading experts discussing cutting-edge updates on cytokine signaling and function and translation into cytokine-based therapeutics and immune-modifying biologics. The meeting bridges the gap between the scientists performing basic research and those working to harness this knowledge to develop strategies for interventions– and how all of these translate into emerging therapies.

Please visit the event website for more information and for registration details.