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Integrating multiomic strategies to improve patient outcomes in cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is a global pandemic with a high mortality rate and significant social burden. By integrating multiomics approaches and facilitated by advanced computational analyses, including AI-based algorithms, we can better understand this heterogeneous group of diseases at the molecular level, find biomarker candidates, help predict mortality and work toward precision medicine approaches to improve patient outcomes.

Olink's Four Featured Talks

Dr. Karl-Philipp Rommel 

‘Proteomics to decipher HFpEF’

Dr. Karl-Philipp Rommel is an attending interventional cardiologist at Heart Center Leipzig, GER and currently acting as a visiting scholar at Cardiovascular Research Foundation, NY, US. His scientific work has focused on the pathomechanistic and phenotypic characterization of HFpEF, both hemodynamically and using multi-omics approaches.

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Dr. Andrea Baragetti

‘Potentialities of targeted plasma proteomics for the assessment of cardiovascular disease risk and pre-clinical atherosclerosis’

Dr. Andrea Baragetti is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences of the University of Milan. Since 2021, he is also a lead researcher of the Laboratory of Genetics and Cardiovascular Genomics at the Centre for the Study of Atherosclerosis, IRCCS Multimedica Hospital in Milan.

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Dr. Matthias Unterhuber

‘Proteomics from the clinical perspective: Where are we going?’

Dr. Matthias Unterhuber is currently working at the Heart Center Leipzig. His scientific work puts emphasis on the implementation of advanced machine learning techniques in clinical precision medicine, especially focusing on valvular and structural heart disease.

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Prof. Sam El-Osta

‘Leveraging Deep Omics to Understand the Cardiovascular Epigenome’

Prof. Sam El-Osta is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, head of the Human Epigenetics team at Monash University, and is internationally recognized with more than 200 articles published in journals like Circulation and Circ Res, Eur Heart J, Nucleic Acids Res, Signal Transduct Target Ther, Nat Comm, Regen Med, Diabetes, Sci Adv, Cell Rep, and JCI Insight.

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