The European Society of Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) 2024

The European Society of Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) 2024

The strides made in implementing translational medicine into healthcare, made possible by the Genomics community, cannot be overstated. Now, adding other omics layers further enhances our understanding of human health. Proteomics, rapidly emerging as a cornerstone in multiomics research, is catalyzing a revolution in our understanding of biological systems at an unprecedented scale.

Last year, we presented the UK Biobank (UKB) project, the world’s biggest proteomics study including 13 pharma companies, over 50,000 participants, and discovering over 10,000 genetic associations with plasma protein levels. These associations help us bridge the gap between genetics and disease pathology. One year on, we present the real-world findings this critical dataset provides.

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UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project:
Enabling real-world applications and how you can get started with proteomics today

The number of researchers using the UKB Dataset has exploded since its availability. If you are considering using the UKB dataset or are not sure how to start, make sure you join!



Julia Carrasco Zanini Sanchez, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher, Queen Mary University of London

“Plasma proteomics for screening and prediction of diverse diseases”

Julia will present her group’s findings for hypothesis-free biomarker discovery, its potential utility to improve screening and prediction strategies over and above clinical standards and polygenic risk scores.

Joshua Atkins headshot

Dr Joshua Atkins

Senior Genomic Epidemiologist within the Cancer Epidemiology Unit (CEU) at the University of Oxford

“Identifying proteomic risk factors for cancer using prospective and exome analyses: 1,463 circulating proteins and risk of 19 cancers in the UK Biobank”

Dr Joshua Atkins is a senior genomic epidemiologist in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit (CEU) at the University of Oxford, where he leads research in the intersection of genomics, epidemiology and cancer biology. His research focus is on identifying genetic risk factors for cancer development and progression, with a particular emphasis on common cancers.

Janet headshot

Janet Kenyon, PhD

Manager of Application Sciences, Olink Proteomics

“Navigating data Integration: How to work with UKB and Olink data”

Janet will discuss how to integrate your Olink data with the UKB dataset; tips, tricks, and common caveats to avoid.

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