Where can I find a standard curve for the proteins I have run on Olink® Target 96, Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Explore?

The Olink PEA technique is based on relative quantification and we report the results in the arbitrary unit of Normalized Protein eXpression-NPX. With relative quantification there is no need to produce standard curves with each run.

We do, however, produce in vitro standard curves for most of our assays during the validation of the panels, using recombinant antigen. These “calibrator curves” curves can be found on our website, as part of the validation data presented for each individual biomarker assay. If you do not find the biomarker you are looking for, please contact support@olink.com

Please note, however, that the standard curves produced for the validation should only be used as a estimate of the expected measuring range of the assay, and should not be used to convert the NPX results of your run to absolute concentration units (e.g. pg/mL).

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