How was the protein library content for Olink Explore selected?

Information from widely used public-access bioinformatic databases, including Uniprot, Human Protein Atlas, Gene Ontology (GO) and DisGeNET together with customer input was used in the work. A combination of known as well as exploratory biomarkers are chosen and compared with accessibility of suitable antibodies that pass our validation tests and requirements. Olink’s strict validation tests and requirements constitutes the final selection inclusion criteria. The selection process and the panel composition are performed together with experts within each field.

Our goal is to cover the low-abundant dynamic plasma protein. Target selection and final library content covers the following main protein groups:

  • Low-abundant inflammation proteins
  • Proteins actively secreted into the blood stream
  • Approved and ongoing drug target proteins
  • Organ-specific proteins that has leaked into the blood stream
  • Exploratory proteins

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