Optimal drug dose selection in clinical trials

The evolving landscape of oncology trials calls for a shift from traditional maximum tolerated dose strategies to patient-focused approaches. Inflammatory proteins play a pivotal role as noninvasive biomarkers in new targeted therapies, supporting the determination of dose-response relationships, and guiding optimal dose selection through pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling. These biomarkers also predict potential toxicities, thus informing on dose adjustments.

Learn about how Olink® Target 48 Cytokine Panel leverages proximity extension assay technology and qPCR readout, allowing the concurrent measurement of 45 analytes with low sample volume, aligning with the FDA Optimus Project’s objectives to optimize drug dosing and enhance patient outcomes. Harness the power of this panel to advance your clinical research and support the development of safer, more effective treatments.

Performance Comparison of Assays Usable for FDA Project Optimus

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  • FDA Optimus Project and its impact on oncology drug development
  • Key cytokines employed by pharmaceutical companies for drug dose selection in oncology trials
  • Analytical performance of these markers across leading immunoassay platforms.

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