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T helper cell cytokine profiling

T helper cell subsets are known as the most prolific cytokine producers, with well-established functions in maintaining immunological homeostasis, as well as in driving a range of immune-related pathologies. This positions T helper cell cytokines as ideal candidates for predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Assessing the shifting T helper cell balance through measuring Th1/Th2/Th17 cytokines can provide key insights for improved patient stratification, monitoring and treatment, as well as for deeper understanding of the immune system’s role in health and disease.

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Download our information sheet for a breakdown of how multiplex analysis of circulating T helper cell cytokines (such as IFN-γ, TNF-α, IL-4 and IL-17) is enabling clinical advancements in various inflammation-driven diseases.


Olink Flex is a customizable solution that allows you to design your own panel, or choose one of our pre-designed panels, such as the 21-plex Th1/Th2/Th17 panel – consisting of key cytokines characterizing T helper cell inflammatory profiles, thereby providing the ultimate solution for studies of the immune system.

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See how Olink® Flex and our other inflammatory protein assays provide actionable insights across a broad range of diseases.

Olink’s highly flexible made-to-order product, Olink® Flex, enables you to select and combine targets for up to 21 human proteins in one biomarker panel.

Olink offers high-quality protein biomarker discovery based on a flexible and scalable technology platform.

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