“Running the Olink Platform – Taking multiplex proteomics to the next level”

Summary of the meeting

The meeting presentations are available on demand here below.

To briefly summarize, the Olink Application Science team presented the new Olink Explore 1536 platform, including information on the requirements for bringing the technology in house. Olink Explore, with NGS readout on the Illumina NovaSeq platform, was launched in June 2020 and is now being established in the market. This is making large-scale proteomics available to the wider research community. Content in the form of new assays will be added to this platform continuously, providing researchers with new tools to expand their data sets.

Our world-renowned collaborator Prof. Mathias Uhlén (SciLife, head of the Human Protein Atlas project), presented on the topic, Towards Next Generation Plasma Profiling, covering wellness proteomics and big data using the Olink Explore 1536, among other topics. This was followed up with Dr. Alban Bessede (CEO Explicyte) who presented a case study where large scale proteomics was used in the immuno-oncology field, to identify circulating biomarkers of response to cancer immunotherapy. Prof. Jochen Schwenk (KTH, SciLife director) then took us on a very educational journey around precision plasma proteomics and what is required to succeed with large-scale proteomics studies and working with biomarkers.

Another new addition to the Olink portfolio, the Target 48 Cytokine panel with absolute quantification, was also presented. This panel covers assays for important cytokines and chemokines, making it possible to also do more targeted studies using the PEA technology. For future clinical applications, this type of more targeted panel with the option for absolute quantification will be required.

We can all agree that precision medicine is a must for the future, but we need to learn more to make this possible. At Olink, we look forward to work with the best and brightest in the science community, and we are proud that many labs around the world are now implementing our technology and providing services also to their contacts and collaborators. Moving from genomics and into the proteomics field, where real-time biology is happening and where we also find many drug targets that will be part of solving the problems for 21st century healthcare. Let’s accelerate proteomics together!

//Your Olink team

The event

After years of outstanding success with our Olink® Target 96 offering of multiplex protein biomarker panels with qPCR readout on the Fludigm Biomark™ HD platform, 2020 saw a major leap forward for Olink. At this this virtual meeting, participants were able to learn about some major advances in high-multiplex proteomics, with keynote presentations by leading researchers and a unique opportunity to get exclusive insights into the latest developments in Olink’s game-changing protein biomarker discovery by our Olink experts.

Attendees also got to take part in a data analysis session, as well as learning how to get started with setting up Olink® Explore 1536 (Olink’s new high throughput offering with readout on the NovaSeq Next Generation Sequencing platform from Illumina® Inc.). Presentations were also given about the recently launched Olink® Target 48 Cytokine (a 48-plex panel focused on inflammation markers, with readout via qPCR and offering both absolute and relative quantification).

This meeting was hosted on two separate occasions to take account of the global nature of Olink’s customer base, on Tuesday, December 1, and Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

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Relevant content and links from the event

Here you can access video recordings of the presentations made at the event, as well links to related content and email contact details. Please note that the content of most of the presentations was essentially identical on the two days, although with different presenters in some cases.

Video presentations from December 1

Opening Remarks

Olink Explore 1536

Towards Next Generation Plasma Profiling (Mathias Uhlén)

Bringing Olink Explore 1536 In house

Using Olink Explore Data in Data Analysis

Identification of Circulating Predictive Biomarkers of Response to Cancer Immunotherapy (Alban Bessede)

Olink Target 48

Precision Plasma Proteomics (Jochen Schwenk)

Video presentations from December 2

Opening Remarks

Olink Explore 1536

Towards Next Generation Plasma Profiling (Mathias Uhlén)

Bringing Olink Explore 1536 In house

Using Olink Explore Data in Data Analysis

Olink Target 48

Systems Biological Analysis of Immunity to COVID 19 in Humans (Florian Wimmers)

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