3 additional biomarker panels focused on key biological functions – available soon!

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Dec 20, 2016: Widening the net for targeted protein biomarker discovery. Available for shipment during Q1, 2017, the new exploratory panels (called Development, Cardiometabolic, and Cell Regulation) will expand Olink’s precision proteomics solution to cover approximately one third of the plasma proteome. The panels have been carefully designed, with the biomarkers classified according to biological process, disease association, tissue expression and molecular class. All assays are thoroughly validated according to Olink’s strict QC standards. All validation data and bioinformatic classification details will be available on our website when the panels become available.

With more than 980 high-quality biomarker assays available, we will offer customers a broad, proteomics-scale discovery solution with the flexibility of 12 different 92-plex panels focused on key disease areas and/or biological processes with wide clinical relevance.

If you would like to get advanced notice of the biomarker assays available in each panel as soon as the information is available, or have any other specific questions, please fill-out the simple form below.