Using biomarkers to solve challenges in drug development

Protein biomarkers provide a dynamic and powerful approach to identify and understand novel drug targets in early in drug development. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes biomarkers to help uncover disease progression markers, responder signatures, diagnostic biomarkers, and potential new indications.

In this virtual roundtable discussion the leading experts share their opinions on how biomarkers can help drive early clinical phase trials, discuss their work with biomarkers at present, explore the history of protein biomarkers within their organization, predict how the field will evolve to meet future challenges and advancements, panelists will also highlight potential challenges and issues that the pharmaceutical industry encounter during the use of protein markers in discovery and what needs to improve.

From this webinar, you will gain an understanding of the challenges and solutions behind the use of protein biomarkers in drug discovery, and appreciate the use of protein biomarker solutions for patient stratification by disease severity.

webinar November 23 2021

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Dr. Jürgen Braunger of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

Dr. Timothy Radstake of AbbVie

Dr. Christopher D. Whelan of Biogen