CSF biomarkers related to neuroinflammation using Olink assays in HIV and Alzheimer’s


Douglas Galasko, Ph.D. Professor of Neurosciences, University of California San Diego


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HIV and Alzheimer’s disease are associated with cognitive changes characterized by neuroinflammation or neurodegeneration, respectively. Dr. Galasko describes how Olink PEA technology was employed to profile proteins related to mild cognitive impairment in HIV and Alzheimer’s patients compared to controls using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Dr. Galasko demonstrates that Olink Target platforms allow the sensitive analysis of proteins in CSF, which has a lower total protein content than other sample types (e.g., plasma). For example, between 42 – 77% of targeted proteins by Olink Target 96 panels (Inflammation, Neuro-exploratory, Neurology) were detected in CSF within the lower limit of quantitation. Of the 17 detectable proteins that are shared between Olink Target 48 and 96 panels, the Pearson’s r correlation ranged from 0.586 – 0.972.

Preliminary data analysis revealed differentially expressed proteins between Alzheimer’s and HIV patients compared to healthy controls, which may shed further light on the underlying biology of these diseases.

The webinar covers the following points:

  • Strong correlation between proteins targeted by the Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96 Inflammation panels
  • Using Olink® Target 96 Inflammation, Neuro-exploratory, and Neurology panels, 42 – 77% proteins were detected in > 75% CSF samples, which have a lower total protein content than plasma
  • Candidate biomarkers of cognitive impairment in HIV and Alzheimer’s disease were identified