Detecting Cancer Biomarkers from Proteins in Liquid Biopsy

Early cancer detection is a key determinant of patient outcomes. Liquid biopsy is a sensitive diagnostic technology that uses peripheral blood to detect biomarkers for solid and liquid tumors. Current technologies detect circulating tumor cells and tumor DNA, but lack the sensitivity to identify cancer biomarkers from proteins present in the circulation. In this webinar, Klaus Pantel and Christoffer Gebhardt will discuss recent advances in liquid biopsy technology that allow researchers to detect protein biomarkers for diverse cancer types, including metastatic melanoma.

Original Broadcast date:  October 22, 2021


  • Klaus Pantel, MD Chairman and Founding Director, Institute for Tumor Biology
  • Christoffer Gebhardt, MD Head, University Skin Cancer Center Hamburg University of Edinburgh

This webinar covers the following points:

  • The role of circulating protein biomarkers
  • Technological advances and clinical applications of liquid biopsy
  • Clinical trials for implementing liquid biopsy into clinical routine

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