Enhanced bioinformatics and biostatistical support from Olink

As part of Olink’s ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive, enabling solutions for protein biomarker discovery, we are delighted to inform you about two new enhancements to our biostatistical and bioinformatic support.

Olink® Statistical Packages
Our highly skilled team of expert biostatisticians can assist you with customized statistical analysis to help ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies run using Olink panels.

Overview of our fee-for-service biostatistical offering:

  • Two levels of statistical and analytical support
  • Performed by Olink expert professionals experienced in handling this type of data
  • Customizable according to client needs
  • Provides a fast and reliable way to get the most out of your experiment

For more details, please visit our Statistical Packages page or contact us at sales@olink.com

Olink® Explorer
As part of our goal to provide more bioinformatic support around our panels, we have developed a new tool to let you explore our offering of almost 1000 highly validated biomarker assays in the context of biological functions. This tool is an interactive, visual representation of the “Olink proteome network”, allowing evaluation of our protein assay coverage across different Gene Ontology (GO)-defined biological processes.

Olink Explorer will enable you to:

  • See which biological processes are covered by assays in the Olink panels
  • Identify the proteins associated with any displayed GO term and see which Olink panel(s) these assays can be found in

The tool is free to use, and accessible directly here on our website – try out Olink Explorer now!


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