A feast of top quality science in Uppsala!

Uppsala, April 6, 2017

Protein biomarker discovery in clinical & epidemiological research

This one-day symposium,  jointly organized by SciLfeLab Uppsala and Olink Proteomics brought together some leading Swedish researchers to share their findings with an enthusiastic and engaged audience of more than 80 scientists.

The diverse and exciting program presented examples of how protein biomarker discovery is being used across a wide range of clinical and epidemiological applications, including cardiovascular disease, oncology and immuno-oncology, pain research, autoimmune disease and development of the immune system.

We were delighted to see so many people at this event, which emphasized the rapidly growing impact of Olink’s biomarker discovery platform in important areas of clinical and epidemiological research. The success of the symposium also emphasizes the close collaborative ties between Olink and the vibrant Swedish research community. We are sure that everyone who attended will join us in thanking Agneta Siegbahn, Jenny Alfredsson and SciLifeLab for hosting such an interesting and well-run event!

While the participants were mainly from the Uppsala/Stockholm region for this symposium, this was just one of a series of similar events for 2017, following on from the highly successful  EpiHealth/Olink research symposium in Malmö in January. Further meetings are also planned in other parts of the Nordic region, as well as our first such event in the USA, in Cambridge MA in June.

A list of the presenters and the titles of their talks can be seen below:

Professor Agneta Siegbahn (Uppsala University) – “Development of biomarker panels using the novel technique, Proximity Extension Assay (PEA)”

Sandra Ohlsson (Head of Assay Development, Olink Proteomics AB) – “Development of Olink’s expanded range of protein biomarker panels” 

Professor Torsten Gordh (Uppsala University) – “State-of-the-Art: Pain – the invisible disease? Analysis of biomarkers for better understanding of pain pathophysiology”

Associate Professor Anna Rostedt Punga (Uppsala University) – “Inflammatory protein profile in myasthenia gravis: novel biomarkers?”

Professor Lars Lind (Uppsala University) – “CVD biomarker panels in ULSAM and PIVUS

Assistant Professor Petter Brodin, (Karolinska Institute) – “Shaping of human immune systems by environmental exposures early in life

Professor Magnus Grenegård (Örebro University) – “Inflammation biomarker panels in early ”pre-clinical” atherosclerosis and in experimental medicine”

Jessica Wenthe (PhD student, Uppsala University) – “Immunological biomarkers correlate to survival in CAR19-treated patients

Associate Professor Torbjörn Ramqvist (Karolinska Institute) – “Protein expression in tonsillar and base of tongue cancer in relation to Human papillomavirus  (HPV) and clinical outcome