Improved bioinformatic content for Olink’s biomarker assays

March, 2017

In order to provide the proteomics community with more information about the proteins in our library of 981 high-quality biomarker assays, we have now finalized their categorization and can provide detailed information for all 12 Olink panels. The proteins in each panel are categorized by Biological Process, Disease Area, Protein Class and Tissue Expression.  This has been carried out via referral to widely used public-access bioinformatic databases, including Uniprot, Human Protein Atlas, Gene Ontology (GO) and DisGeNET.

Interactive categorization charts (4 for each panel) enable you to see the number of proteins in each category, see which specific proteins are included there, and link directly to biomarker pages of interest, where the validation data for each assay can be viewed.

Categorization of panel proteins by multiple criteria:

Interactive charts with protein details and links to biomarker pages: