New panel for immuno-oncology – available now!

Proseek Multiplex Immuno-Onc I – ready for immediate delivery

In response to a clear and specific need from our customers, we recently announced the launch of a new panel for targeted human protein biomarker discovery. Following a close collaboration with experts in the field, this new panel will offer simultaneous analysis of 92 carefully selected protein biomarkers relevant for the immuno-oncology area. It includes some of the most relevant biomarkers available in our previous panel  portfolio, as well as a significant number of new assays that have been selected to provide the best possible combination of markers to cover the key areas within immuno-oncology research. 

Immunotherapy is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing approaches to cancer therapy. Strategies that aim to strengthen the patients’ own immune system to fight tumor cells and to break tolerance in the tumor microenvironment are beginning to show great promise, with several successful clinical trials reported and some successes dealing with several types of tumors in patients with poor prognosis.

Non-invasive biomarkers for the immuno-oncology area offer great potential benefits in helping to better understand the underlying pathophysiology, study therapeutic efficacy and to stratify patients for clinical trials. The new panel will provide the immuno-oncology field with a tool that casts a relatively broad net (simultaneous analysis of 92 proteins), while enabling a targeted approach via the careful selection of relevant assays available. The biomarkers selected  include proteins involved in processes such as promotion and inhibition of tumor immunity, chemotaxis, vascular & tissue remodeling, apoptosis & cell killing and metabolism & autophagy.

We first  showcased the new panel and presented some initial case studies (collaboration with Mount Sinai School of Medicine)  at the Immuno-Oncology Summit in Boston (Aug 29-Sept 2). Further presentations about the new panel and case study data are also being featured at the Phacilitate Leaders Europe meeting in Berlin (Sept 21-22).

The new immuno-oncology panel is now available for immediate shipping for customers who wish to run the assays in their own labs, or you can choose to send your samples to one of our Analysis Service facilities. More details about the new panel, including a complete list of the 92 biomarkers included and validation data for each assay, can be found on the Immuno-Onc I product page – here.

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