Olink at the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

A day of stimulating science and inspiration in Copenhagen

Olink was proud to act as platinum sponsor for the 2017 Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, which was held in Copenhagen on April 26. The event brought together those at the very forefront of precision medicine, from biologists, physicians and technology developers to data scientists, patient groups, governments and more.

Some thoughts and reflections from this excellent meeting:

  • After Denmark’s decision to invest into Precision Medicine, Nordic countries are discussing how they could align their own initiatives to bring the field forward more efficiently. All agreed that Precision Medicine is needed for more efficient prevention and treatment of diseases in a challenging healthcare environment, and with an aging population
  • Genetic testing is moving in more and more into routine diagnostic testing, especially in the field of Oncology and rare diseases. Some very impressive genomics  initiatives in the UK were  presented.
  • It is highly likely that other fields and additional -omics technologies will develop along similar lines.
  • These are still early days for proteomics in precision medicine, but there are some really exciting studies going on to show the value of protein biomarkers:
    • Professor Jan Nilsson presented new insights into, and new biomarkers for atherosclerosis using Olink panels. The data shows that there are many more mechanisms than just inflammation involved!
    • Professor Mathias Uhlen, continues to run impressive, large-scale mapping of the many proteins in the human body. He presented some preliminary conceptual data using Olink in his wellness initiative “S3”


See the tweet below, showing Professor Sue Hill, OBE presenting at the meeting.