Olink Population Health Summit 2022

The UK BioBank (UKBB) is the world’s most well-studied biobank. Multi-omics and clinical data generated on over 500,000 participants has been used globally by the whole scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry. A Pharma consortium of 13 companies and Olink technology recently enabled so far the world’s biggest proteomics study on 50,000 UKBB participants as well as a collection of 6,000 Covid-19 samples. In the Population Health Summit, the invited speakers share their perspectives on the importance of biobank studies and their insights on how to drive scientific breakthroughs.

In this session, Prof. Sir Rory Collins presents the value of biobanks to drive scientific discoveries and Dr. Benjamin Sun provides proteomics insights from the 50,000 UKBB participant study. Furthermore, Prof. Zhenming Chen presents the importance of ancestry to understand human biology by presenting data on the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB), one of the world’s largest prospective cohort studies, aiming to generate reliable evidence about lifestyle, environment and genetic determinants of a wide range of diseases that can inform disease prevention, risk prediction and treatments.

The recording covers the following presentations:

  • The value of large prospective biobanks for discovery science (The UKBB Story) by Prof. Sir Rory Collins
  • Harnessing the potentials of proteomics in the China Kadoorie Biobank (the CKB story) by Prof. Zhengming Chen
  • Proteomic insights in 50k UK Biobank participants by Dr. Benjamin Sun
  • Empowering genomics with proteomics in population health by Dr. Cindy Lawley

Original Broadcast date: September 21 2022

Olink Population Health Summit 2022 - thumb


  • Prof. Sir Rory Collins, Head of Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford
  • Prof. Zhenming Chen, Richard Peto Chair in Epidemiology, University of Oxford
  • Dr. Benjamin Sun Associate Scientific Director, Translational Biology at Biogen.