Performance testing of certified Olink core labs 2019

April 2019: The performance testing of certified Olink core labs is to be performed once every year, and is required in order for the labs to maintain their certification. Two operators from each lab share an Olink certification kit ,according to the instructions found here.

Data from each operator will be quality controlled and evaluated according to Olink’s criteria for approval of a certification run. The following inter-lab and operator comparisons will be focused on:

  • No. of failed and/or flagged samples and assays
  • Intra CV (positions A6 and B6, and A12 and B12, respectively)
  • Number of detected proteins in >75% of the wells for neat samples
  • Average dilution difference (neat vs 1:10 dilution)

Results from the performance testing will be presented in an anonymized  summary report with results from all labs and operators distributed to all participating labs. Each lab will also be provided with individual reports for their respective operators.

Kits will be sent out during early April and results will be presented in May


Biomarker assays

~881 million

Protein data points generated


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