Professor Alexandre Mebazaa and the Novelties in Biomarkers prize

At Olink, we are proud to support the 2021 Novelties in Biomarkers prize awarded to young researchers, at the Biomarkers of the Future conference. Apart from that the prize itself contributes to valuable research and scientists, the competition and the conference also provides an opportunity for young researchers during the to be visible, interact and network with other researchers.

Novelties in Biomarkers is an annual award established in 2019 and supported by Olink Proteomics with the purpose of encouraging and motivating young scientists in their research in biomarker discovery. The prize committee’s members are Professor Alexandre Mebazaa, Chair (Paris, France), Professor Pierre-François Laterre (Brussels, Belgium), Professor Jane-Lise Samuel (Paris, France) and Professor Karen Sliwa (Cape Town, South Africa) representing the scientific committee.

Listen to Professor Mebazaa sharing his thoughts on the prize and this year’s biomarker conference with the institutional support by Université de Paris, Inserm and INI-CRCT, and the important role of proteomics in research.

YouTube, 9:33 min.

Alexandre Mebazaa