Protein is no longer a dirty word at AGBT

The annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting has traditionally focused on genomics, with proteins largely off the menu. Moreover, according to a meeting report by GenomeWeb, “protein” was almost considered a dirty word in the context of this particular gathering of researchers and companies. Times change, however, and recent advances in proteomic technologies have resulted in  protein biology and technology finding their place at this meeting. The GenomeWeb report goes on to describe how proteomics-focused attendees at AGBT now feel that this audience is now much more receptive and “protein-friendly”.  Large studies combining both DNA- & protein-based techniques are increasingly showing how proteomics can empower genomics, providing the link from genes to phenotypes to set a strong foundation for future healthcare development.

Olink at AGBT 2023

Olink was delighted to attend and present at AGBT this year, where our own Cindy Lawley presented proteogenomic data from two major biomarker discovery studies in large cohorts. In a study of over 50,000 UK Biobank samples, over 10,000 protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) were discovered, 85% of which were novel. In the second study from the SCALLOP Consortium, analysis of over 30,000 subjects yielded 25 causal therapeutic targets and 18 drug repurposing opportunities.


Talking proteins at AGBT

Olink’s Cindy Lawley takes to the stage to share data from two important proteogenomic studies with the conference delegates.