SelectScience Editorial Article of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that SelectScience have announced an Olink-sponsored article from Professor Leo Joosten as their drug discovery & development editorial article of the year for 2021. In an exclusive interview with SelectScience, Professor Joosten discussed how his team is working to identify protein biomarkers of COVID-19, its mechanisms of infection and the impact of immune response, to ultimately search for possible treatments and vaccination approaches.

The article came as a result of a collaboration between Olink and Professor Joosten’s group in Nijmegen, which you can read more about HERE. We were proud to hear that this work generated so much interest and recognition amongst SelectScience readers. See what Andrea Ballagi (VP Sales & Marketing, Olink Proteomics) had to say about the award.

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You can read more about the collaborative study connected to to SelectScience editorial interview by visiting our news post HERE