UK Biobank pharma proteomics project extended to Explore 3072 platform

July 21, 2021

It has been announced that the UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project (UKB-PPP Consortium) has decided to expand the ongoing proteomics study of 53,000 participants to the new Olink® Explore 3072 platform, providing access to Olink´s expanded library of approximately 3,000 carefully curated and validated assays.

The UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project (UKB-PPP), a partnership between UK Biobank and biopharmaceutical companies, is currently performing one of the world’s largest scientific studies of blood protein biomarkers conducted to date of 53,000 UK Biobank participants. The study aims to enable better understanding of disease biology and support innovative drug development for more effective therapies. Initially funded by ten biopharmaceutical companies, the consortium has now grown to twelve companies, further emphasizing the value of this important work.

By expanding the study from Olink Explore 1536 to the new Olink Explore 3072 platform, utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as a read-out to measure plasma protein concentration, UKB-PPP will double the number of available assays from almost 1,500 to close to 3,000.

Read our full press release using the link button below. You can also read the original press release about this project that was published by UK Biobank in 2020 here