Next-Generation pan-cancer blood proteome profiling

The next generation pan-cancer blood proteome profiling study is an addition to the Protein Atlas initiatives from scientists at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm and the University of Uppsala.

  • 1,463 proteins from over 1,400 cancer patient samples measured using the Olink® Explore 1536 high-throughput protein biomarker platform
  • AI-based prediction models generated to distinguish 12 individual cancers with high accuracy
  • Models can also discriminate cancerous samples from healthy controls, and identify patients who are in early stages of the disease
  • Explore this unique  dataset via an interactive data story on Olink® Insight.

Learn more about how Olink® solutions for high-throughput proteomics can accelerate oncology research and drive new therapies

Access interactive functions* to explore this unique dataset, including differential expression analysis, pathway enrichment, pathway annotation with hexagonal maps, and predictive protein groups identified by machine learning.

Learn how Olink’s solutions for protein biomarker discovery are being applied in this critical and rapidly developing field, providing non-invasive insights into what is happening in the tumor microenvironment to monitor and predict treatment responses.

Measure the concentration of thousands of human plasma proteins using minute amounts of sample with our high-throughput protein biomarker discovery platform based on Olink’s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology coupled with NGS readout on Illumina instruments.