Important information regarding Olink panel names

June 3, 2020

With the launch of Olink® Explore 1536, our flagship protein biomarker discovery platform with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) readout, we have decided to re-brand our existing portfolio of 96-plex biomarker panels with qPCR readout. These panels will now go by the name, Olink Target 96. The list below shows the new name of each panel first, with the previously used name in parenthesis.

Olink® Target 96 Cardiometabolic – (Olink® CARDIOMETABOLIC)

Olink® Target 96 CVD II – (Olink® CARDIOVASCULAR II)

Olink® Target 96 CVD III – (Olink® CARDIOVASCULAR III)

Olink® Target 96 Cell Regulation – (Olink® CELL REGULATION)

Olink® Target 96 Development – (Olink® DEVELOPMENT)

Olink® Target 96 Immune Response – (Olink® IMMUNE RESPONSE)

Olink® Target 96 Immuno-Oncology – (Olink® IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY)

Olink® Target 96 Inflammation – (Olink® INFLAMMATION)

Olink® Target 96 Metabolism – (Olink® METABOLISM)

Olink® Target 96 Neurology – (Olink® NEUROLOGY)

Olink® Target 96 Neuro Exploratory – (Olink® NEURO EXPLORATORY)

Olink® Target 96 Oncology II – (Olink® ONCOLOGY II)

Olink® Target 96 Oncology III – (Olink® ONCOLOGY III)

Olink® Target 96 Organ Damage – (Olink® ORGAN DAMAGE)

Olink® Target 96 Mouse Exploratory – (Olink® MOUSE EXPLORATORY)

Custom panels

In conjunction with these changes, we will also now brand our custom panels under the name Olink® Focus

Our newly branded product range

The image above showcases our current product portfolios, from left to right:

  • Olink Explore 1536 – screen our library of >1470 proteins with NGS readout
  • Olink Target 96 – our well-established disease and biological process-focused panels with qPCR readout
  • Olink Focus – custom-designed panels for up to 21 proteins with relative or absolute quantification