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Here you will find the archive of past SCALLOP news, as well as links to the latest news posts

June 2021

New clinical trials arm for SCALLOP projects

In a short video presentation, Anders Mälarstig outlines a new collaborative initiative from SCALLOP to optimize the power of proteomic profiling in early clinical trials, sharing data to overcome the low sample numbers available from phase I/II trials. This initiative is also the subject of a recent Olink press release – READ IT HERE

If you are unable to watch this video from YouTube – please  CLICK HERE 

May 2021

New editorial article in SelectScience

Based on an exclusive interview with Anders Mälarstig, “Harnessing cutting-edge proteogenomics in the quest for novel drug targets” discusses how collaborative research between big pharma and academia is using the latest proteomics platforms to revolutionize drug discovery. Read it here

October 2020

New SCALLOP publication in Nature Metabolism

Read more about this landmark publication – here

June 2020

New consortium publication on bioRxiv

See Anders Mälarstig’s perspective on this important new study – here

August 2019

SCALLOP Face-to-face meeting in London, September 25

Registrations closed

June 2018

SCALLOP Face-to-face meeting in Stockholm

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