Olink® Explore HTCapture true biological insights with proven specificity. At any scale.

Olink Explore HT enables you to perform high-throughput biomarker discovery with ease. You can gain an understanding of disease at the protein level.

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Accurately measure thousands of proteins using only 2 µL of sample. Experience higher throughput with retained specificity ensured by our innovative Proximity Extension Assay technology combined with next-generation sequencing.

Specificity 5,300+ protein biomarkers

Our industry-leading specificity minimizes wrong targets, misinterpretation, and wasted time or money.

All Olink Explore HT biomarkers undergo a rigorous 15-step validation process, ensuring the highest quality data you can trust—so your research can go further and faster.

Scalability 4x throughput increase

We know discovery comes in all sizes, that’s why Olink Explore HT is designed to perform at any scale. Improved throughput and multiplexing empower you to run thousands of samples weekly with just one instrumentation line.

Whatever direction your research takes you, you have the tools you need.

Simplicity 6x component reduction

We’ve reimagined the workflow to reduce costs, increase sample throughput and multiply data output by 7-fold. Get results quickly with reduced labor and an optimized protocol.

The new Olink Explore HT software streamlines data analysis and the fully automated quality control feature makes deriving actionable biological insights faster.

Accelerate your biomarker discovery today!

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