Proteomics solutions for true biological insights:

Flexible offering, uncompromised data quality

Olink’s PEA-powered platforms offer streamlined multiplex protein biomarker analysis for deeper biological insights, without compromising on data quality. Our modular approach allows customization to suit your specific research questions and study requirements.

Listen to Olink’s global product manager Katarina Hornaeus provide an overview of our high-performing offering:

  • Olink Flex – allows you to build your own panel of up to 21 protein biomarkers.
  • Olink Target 48 – Provides a comprehensive panel of cytokines, perfect for studying the immune response.
  • Olink Target 96 – Includes 15 targeted panels, covering major disease areas and biological processes.

Ready to learn how Olink’s platforms can accelerate your multiplex protein analysis?

Download our comprehensive information package and find out:

  • Which Olink solution fits your research needs, with a breakdown of the products’ key features.
  • How the PEA technology’s performance compares to other multiplex proteomics platforms, in the white paper Multiplex analysis of inflammatory proteins: A comparative study across multiple platforms.
  • How Olink ensures uncompromised data quality with its thorough assay validation and integrated QC system, in the white paper Ensuring quality with flexibility: Olink® Flex validation & verification.

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