Olink at the 2022 European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG) Conference

This year’s ESHG conference will be held June 11-14, 2022 in Vienna, Austria as both an in-person as well as virtual event; here are a few highlighted talks of interest as it relates to the combination of genetics, proteomics and other multiomic strategies for personalized medicine

Presentations at ESHG of interest

At this human genetics conference, several presentations will touch upon proteomics as part of a larger multiomic strategy for either identification of potential diagnostic markers of disease or insight into disease mechanism through combining genomic variation data with circulating protein biomarker information.

To underscore the future potential of protein analysis at a genetics conference, an opening keynote plenary session (Saturday 11 June 2022, 1400 to 1630 CET, session PL1.3) from Dr. John Jumper of the Google’s AlphaFold project will present on “Highly accurate protein structure prediction and its implications for understanding human biology”.

Regarding the potential for protein biomarkers as part of a multi-omic approach to development of disease diagnostics, one presentation will be made in a concurrent session (Sunday 12 June 2022, 1030-1230 CET, session C11) called “Rapid rare disease diagnosis on a national scale: an integrated multi-omic approach” from Dr. Zornitza Stark of Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, Royal Children’s Hospital, Victoria Australia. A second presentation (Monday 13 June 2022, 0830-1000 CET, session S12.3) called “Deciphering the genomic aetiology of osteoarthritis” will be presented by Dr. Eleftheria Zeggini from the Technical University of Munich, in a concurrent symposia titled “Genetics of Omics and Beyond”.

Dr. Kari Steffanson, CEO of deCODE Genetics

Dr. Kari Steffanson, CEO of deCODE Genetics, will present an Olink-sponsored talk (Sunday 12 June 2022, 1200-1300 CET, Room M 1+2) on the topic “The Proteome as a net with which to catch environmental influences on phenotypes”.

An Olink Poster about combining PEA with NGS

On Sunday 12 June 2022 1600-1700 CET Dr. Cindy Lawley, Olink Director of Population Health, will present a poster titled “Proximity extension assay in combination with Next-Generation Sequencing for high-throughput proteome-wide analysis in large population health studies” in the Poster Hall section X3.

If you are attending ESHG in 2022 in-person, come by booth number 152 and we would love to speak with you.