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Read about how Olink's PEA technology has been used in these studies

Patel MA, Knauer MJ, Nicholson M, et al. Organ and cell-specific biomarkers of Long-COVID identified with targeted proteomics and machine learning. (2023) Molecular Medicine, DOI: 10.1186/s10020-023-00610-z

A team from Western University, London, Ontario used the Olink® Explore 3072 platform for high-throughput protein biomarker discovery to compare plasma protein profiles in patients suffering from Long-COVID with those from acute COVID-19 patients and healthy controls.

Koprulu M, Carrasco-Zanini J, Wheeler E, et al. Proteogenomic links to human metabolic diseases. (2023) Nature Metabolism, DOI: 10.1038/s42255-023-00753-7

A team from the University of Cambridge, led by Prof. Claudia Langenberg carried out a cis-focused proteogenomics analysis of 2,923 plasma proteins measured in 1,180 individuals, identifying >1,500 independent cis genetic associations for more than 900 unique proteins. A total of 224 of these cis-pQTLs shared genetic regulation with 575 specific health outcomes, revealing several notable examples for metabolic disease.

Understanding human diseases through inflammatory proteins

See how Olink Flex and our other inflammatory protein assays provide actionable insights across a broad range of diseases.

Proteomics at the heart of multiomics strategies

Olink is being been increasingly incorporated into systems biology approaches to big biological questions, integrating proteomics with genomics, transcriptomics and other omics applications to get a bigger picture view and gain actionable insights.

High-throughput protein biomarker discovery on NGS

Olink® Explore is a game-changer for the proteomics field: Rapidly measure 3072 assays covering all major biological pathways using less than 6 μL sample. Unparalleled specificity and sensitivity of PEA technology. Readout via NGS, enabling up to 1.3 million protein measurements per week per NGS instrument.

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