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Read about how Olink's PEA technology has been used in these studies

del Campo M, Peeters C, Johnson E, et al.  CSF proteome profiling across the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum reflects the multifactorial nature of the disease and identifies specific biomarker panels. (2022) Nature Aging, DOI: 10.1038/s43587-022-00300-1

In this study from Professor Charlotte Teunissen’s group in Amsterdam, diagnostic protein profiles for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), previously identified in large-scale biomarker discovery studies using Olink technology, were verified and validated using an Olink® Focus custom-designed panel in independent cohorts. This verified that a 12-protein signature could discriminate AD from both healthy controls and non-AD dementia with high accuracy.

Christensen TD, Madsen K, Maag E, et al. Protein Signatures and Individual Circulating Proteins, including IL-6 and IL-15, Associated with Prognosis in Patients with Biliary Tract Cancer. (2023) Cancers, DOI: 10.3390/cancers15041062

A study from Copenhagen University Hospital used the Olink® Target 96 Immuno-oncology panel to look at blood biomarkers in four cohorts of patients with biliary tract cancer who had undergone various types of therapy including chemotherapy or surgery. The relative levels of 89 proteins were then compared among groups of patients defined by time-ranges of overall survival (OS) in order to identify potential prognostic markers.

Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics

Curious about how Olink technology delivers this scale of multiplexing and sample throughput without compromising on data quality or assay robustness?

Flexibility without compromise

Introducing Olink® Flex

Build a panel of up to 21 protein biomarkers from the pre-validated Flex library

Proteomics in Proximity podcast

Olink’s product manager Katarina Horaeus explains how Olink ensures assay combinability when mixing and matching biomarkers from the Flex library

Understanding human diseases through inflammatory proteins

See how Olink Flex and our other inflammatory protein assays provide actionable insights across a broad range of diseases.

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