Unlock the power of proteomics

Our mission

We aim to accelerate proteomics and understand real-time biology, together with you and our community of researchers. We are committed to the highest quality in every aspect of our work, instilling our partners in confidence that their discoveries are based on true biological insights. Together, we are heading towards a future where treatment and prevention strategies are tailored to individuals. Join us on this exciting journey towards precision medicine!

We’ve compiled a set of resources to help you all the way from large-scale biomarker discovery to a targeted approach using the same technology platform. In this downloadable package, you will find:

  • The invaluable role of protein biomarkers in accelerating trials to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Information about the Olink platform and how we guarantee exceptional data quality and reproducibility.
  • A video showcasing our innovative Proximity Extension Assay technology for multiplexing with unprecedented specificity.
  • A statement from Prof. Matthias Uhlén of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, recognizing Olink’s role in the pivotal role of proteomics in precision medicine’s future.

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