The COLLIBRI consortium

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COLLIBRI is a consortium that aims to accelerate progress in the field of inflammatory bowel disease through the use of protein biomarkers

What are the main aims of COLLIBRI?

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Collaboration: engage both academic and industrial partners to share both clinical samples and the data obtained from relevant studies

.. leading to..

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A step change in data power: generate novel insights into disease pathogenesis and find novel biomarker signatures at the proteomic level

The consortium looks to address questions of immediate interest to academia and industry, with existing Olink protein data in the first phase, but looking to generate additional new protein biomarker data in the future. Key elements in these collaborative projects will include phenotypic detail, consitency among partners in the definitions used, and robust information regarding sample storage and handling.

More about COLLIBRI

Below you will find additional information that may be relevant if you are considering joining the consortium.

Key principles:

  • Open and transparent communication of activities within the
    consortium and disclosure of closely related work outside of it
  • Equal opportunities for contributions across participating members
  • Equal access to the data
  • Adherence to common practices for conference presentations and
  • Rapid response to requests for feedback

Social media

Follow COLLIBRI on Twitter at @CollibriIbd

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If you are interested in joining COLLIBRI, or have any questions, please contact us.