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New Immune Surveillance panel now available. Perform immune biomarker profiling with absolute confidence.

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Journey from experiment planning and study design to post-run data analysis – in a single online bioinformatic app.

Landmark articles in Nature 
show the power of population-scale proteogenomics


Read the latest impressive findings from the UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project.

Empowering genomics with high-throughput proteomics


Explore recent advancements in our pioneering field. Discover how top scientists use high-throughput proteomics to advance precision medicine.

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Endless possibilities.

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Meet the next-generation proteomics platform trusted by small lab teams and leading pharma companies.

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Join us on September 26, 2024 to learn more about proteomics in drug development, biomarker discovery & clinical translation, and proteogenomics.

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