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Measure 5,400+ proteins with proven specificity at any scale. Deploy our next-generation proteomics platform today – and gain an understanding of disease at the protein level.

New Olink® Target 48 Immune SurveillanceImmune biomarker profiling with absolute confidence

Gain a comprehensive view of the immune system for in-depth monitoring of inflammation and immune response

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Realizing the potential of population-scale proteogenomics

Landmark articles in Nature present impressive findings from the UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project

High quality proteomics.
Unrivaled throughput.

One protein biomarker platform with endless possibilities – understand real-time human biology.

See our ground-breaking PEA technology in action.


Empowering genomics with high-throughput proteomics

Take this opportunity to stay at the forefront of this groundbreaking field by reading about the latest developments. See how leading scientists are already implementing high-throughput proteomics to shape the future of precision medicine.

From broad discovery to targeted studies, in every research setting, our PEA technology is the proteomics solution for fast, accurate, and actionable results.

Put protein biomarkers at the heart of your strategies for faster development of safe, effective therapies for the precision medicine era.

With the right set-up, you can add our game-changing proteomics platforms to your technology suite to run Olink kits in-house, or even become a trained Olink external service provider.

Understanding human diseases through inflammatory proteins

See how Olink® Flex and our other inflammatory protein assays provide actionable insights across a broad range of diseases.

Accelerate your approach to proteomics.

Olink® Insight

See data in new ways, collaborate faster and easier with peers, and access exclusive data sets.

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Accelerating proteomics together, with you

World-class technology, products and services are important, but we don’t think that’s enough. We are also passionate about collaboration and transparency, supporting and working with our customers to help them better understand real-time human biology to the benefit of all.

Proven technology

Hundreds of millions of protein data points generated an extensive body of peer-reviewed publications in just a few short years

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Our dedicated, knowledgeable teams and Olink Insights tools will  support you all the way from study design through to data analysis and beyond

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∼ 3000 thoroughly validated, high quality proteins assays – all validation processes and data transparently shared with you

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Our Community

The “Olink community” isn’t just a phrase, we support scientists and their collaborative initiatives whenever they need us

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Olink applications

Throughout pharmaceutical development and academic/clinical research, Olink provides actionable insights through protein biomarkers across an extensive range of application areas, covering all aspects of human biology in health and disease


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