Is sample dilution necessary before running the Olink® Target 96 assay?

Each Olink panel is optimized for the expected physiological and pathological ranges found in human plasma and serum for the biomarker assays included. A few of our Target 96 panels are designed to be run diluted (from 1:10 up to 1:2025) so as to fit the physiological ranges within the measurable ranges of our assays, these dilutions are a part of the assay, and no pre-dilution is necessary.

These dilutions are set with human plasma and serum in mind, so when running other sample matrices, these dilutions may need adjustment depending on the expected protein concentrations in the specific matrix.

For tissue or cell lysate, we recommend a range from 0.5 – 1.0 µg/µL of total protein concentration.

Diluted Target 96 panels:

  • Cardiometabolic: 1:2025
  • CVD III: 1:100
  • Development: 1:100
  • Metabolism: 1:10

To determine the optimal dilutions for a specific matrix, it is recommended to contact Olink Support.

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