Olink® Statistical Analysis app

A web-based application for basic data visualizations and statistical analyses.

Olink assays provide extensive coverage of the plasma proteome and delivers high quality data for approximately 3000 unique proteins. When it comes time to perform data analysis, however, this amount of data can be overwhelming. Olink has therefore developed a web-based application for basic data visualizations and statistical analyses, Olink® Statistical Analysis app. This application is based around the same tools and methods as are used by the Olink Data Science team.

How does it work?

To get started, all you will need is an NPX data file delivered to you by Olink Analysis Services, or one generated with Olink® NPX Explore software, Olink® NPX Signature software or MyData. If you do not have access to an NPX file but would still like to explore the features of the application, you can use a sample data set which is available in the app (go to the About tab and select Use example data).

Access the Stat Analysis App

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Please view the video guide to learn more about the features and how to use the statistical analysis app.

Notice regarding your use of the App

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The Olink® Statistical Analysis app (the “App”) is hosted on a third-party server via shinyapps.io, a service provided by RStudio. As such, by uploading or providing data to or via the App, including without limitation any personal data, you acknowledge that such data may be transferred to the third-party server. Your rights and obligations with respect to such transferred information are subject to all applicable terms, conditions and policies of RStudio, including without limitation, the RStudios Privacy Policy available at www.rstudio.com/about/privacy-policy. By using the App, you acknowledge that Olink Proteomics AB or any of its affiliates (“Olink”) will not be liable for any damages or losses, including without limitation any and all incidental, indirect or consequential damages, arising in connection with the transfer or storage of data to the third-party server, and to the extent permissible by applicable law Olink disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the use of the App. Any requests or concerns regarding the App or transferred data may be directed to legal@olink.com.

Key features & benefits

View sample-wise distributions of NPX values

Generate Principal Component Analysis (PCA) plots

Perform basic statistical analyses: t-test & Analysis of Variance

Download results/figures for more focused data analysis

View or download the app Olink® Statistical Analysis app user manual for more in-depth instructions.

New in Olink® Insight – Study Size Calculator replaces Olink Power Tool

Before running any experiment, it is vital to design the experiment in a way that makes obtaining relevant results as likely as possible. For this statistical power is key. In the Study Size Calculator, Olink provides a web-based application to assist in power calculation for a balanced t-test and balanced one-way ANOVA.

At Olink, we also offer fee-for-service statistical services customized to your needs. Our team of biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analysis to ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies run using Olink panels.

Olink® Analyze (R-package)

Olink® Analyze is an R package that provides a versatile toolbox to enable fast and easy handling of Olink NPX data for your proteomics research. Olink Analyze provides functions for using Olink data, including functions for importing Olink NPX datasets exported from NPX software, as well as quality control (QC) plot functions and functions for various statistical tests. This package is meant to provide a convenient pipeline for your Olink NPX data analysis.

If you have R programming skills, you can access Olink Analyze. Download it directly from CRAN, or install the package from R with the following commands: