Olink Target 48 Mouse Cytokine Translational insights from just 1 µL

Gain a comprehensive view of the murine immune system, enabling in-depth disease modelling, longitudinal studies and translational research.

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The Target 48 Mouse Cytokine panel, using our Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, delivers validated protein biomarker data to boost translational research across many therapeutic areas.

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Deeper biological insights

Measure 43 biomarkers from just 1µL of sample. This breakthrough allows repeated biomarker analysis from the same mouse, not only minimizing variability in longitudinal studies, but also promoting the ethical use of fewer animals in research.

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Exceptional data quality

Olink’s multiplexing offers leading specificity and sensitivity. Backed by our comprehensive and transparent validation process, we ensure data quality you can trust. Our integrated controls enable monitoring technical performance of every sample, making identification of outliers and singlicate measurement a reality.

Streamlined workflow

We’ve eliminated the need for standard dilutions and washing steps – offering you a simple workflow. With the Olink Signature Q100 instrument, data read-out and analysis become straightforward and efficient. Your research should be empowered by tools and technology.

Dive into the panel content

Our comprehensive panel includes 43 proteins that represent essential biological processes and pathways.

  • Interleukin superfamilyIL-12 (p70), IL-4, IL-2, IL-1β, IL-33
  • CytokinesGM-CSF, CSF1
  • ChemokinesCCL2, CCL22, CXCL9
  • Immunoglobulin receptor superfamilyCTLA-4, PD-L1, PD-L2
  • Interferon superfamilyIFN-α2, IFN-γ
  • Growth factorsHGF
  • Intercellular signal moleculeTNF-α

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