Olink® NPX Explore Software

An easy-to-use data import and pre-processing tool for Olink Explore data

Olink® NPX Explore is a purpose-built software designed for the customers who run our Explore panels. The software is required to generate data in Olink’s proprietary NPX format. This tool enables users to import data, validate data quality and normalize for subsequent statistical analysis. The workflow, from the NGS run to export of normalized and quality controlled NPX data is outlined in the flowchart below.


Flowchart describing steps involved in the analysis of data using Olink NPX Explore.


User manual

If you wish to learn more about Olink NPX Explore software, please download the user manual or contact us.

Please note that Olink NPX Explore software is primarily designed for operators running Olink panels in their own facilities. If like many customers, you send your samples to one of Olink’s Analysis Service labs or trained service providers, they will use the NPX Explore software to prepare the data report that will be sent to you after the assays have been run.