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With our in-house experts, digital tools and technical document library, we support you throughout the whole process of running your project, from study design to data interpretation. Whether you are a first time visitor wishing to learn more, or an existing customer seeking reference material, you will find our range of support materials and services listed here.

Olink white papers

Our white paper collection provides key insights on how to get the best out of your Olink studies, as well as more information on our technology, study design, and data analysis.


Olink publications

An up-to-date list of publications that have either used Olink’s panels in their research or have reviewed our technology.

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Olink hosts and sponsors high-quality, informative webinars featuring some of the internationally renowned scientists that we are proud to call customers! Join our live events to engage in the discussion, or view our on-demand recordings at your convenience.

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Here you will find all the product information, technical and support documents relating to our products and services.

Browse or search our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for instant access to key information regarding Olink technology its application, and the processing and interpretation of the high quality data generated by Olink studies.

Our experts and Olink Insights tools will provide you with world class support throughout the entire process, from selection of the best Olink solution for your needs, through optimal study design & technical support, to biostatistical analysis and bioinformatics assistance.