Our support

Our world class support is here to guide you on any Olink related matter.

We are passionate about supporting customers throughout the entire process of planning, running and evaluating a protein biomarker study. From selection of the best Olink solution for your needs, through optimal study design & technical support, to biostatistical analysis and bioinformatics assistance, our experts are here at your disposal.

Olink is also committed to developing powerful digital tools to enable scientists to make best use of the data from their Olink study.

Technical and application support

Our Field Application Scientists (FAS) are our customer-facing support specialists. Each territory has their own FAS team, who help with for example scientific evaluation and study planning and design. They also help to train our service providers.

Back of office, we have our experienced and knowledgeable Technology and Application Support (TAPS) team, who work closely with the FAS team and provide direct support for Olink customer enquiries.

The Technical Application Support team (TAPS) supports the Field Applications Scientists in providing help and advice to more detailed or complex questions regarding Olink products. Each member of the TAPS team is an expert in a specific Olink product, so you may rest assured that no matter the complexity of the question or the product you are using, you will receive the answer you need within 24 hours of asking it.

If you have questions regarding:

  • Study planning
  • Panel searches
  • Sample preparation
  • Data explanation
  • Data interpretation
  • Inconsistency in data
  • Orthogonal validation
  • Product complaints

Data science support

For support in downstream data analysis, our Data Sience (DS) team is here to help.

Olink studies produce a large amount of complex data, and our customers have very different data analysis capabilities and needs. Our DS team aims to maximize the utility of proteomic datasets and accelerate the process from data acquisition to actionable insights that can lead to a deeper understanding of the biology under investigation.

Overview of our biostatistical offering

Via our DS team, we offer fee-for-service statistical services. Our team of biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analysis to help ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies.

  • Performed by Olink expert professionals experienced in handling this type of data.
  • Customizable according to client needs.
  • Provides a fast and reliable way to get the most out of your experiment.
  • Charged by an hourly rate, according to the scope of the project.
  • Initial planning and study design as well as discussion of the results are included in the service.

Reach out to our DS team using the button above if you have any questions on data analysis.

Our digital support tools - Olink Insights

Complementing the support available from our dedicated experts, we are also committed to developing a range of digital biostatistical and bioinformatics tools to enable scientists to make best use of the data from their Olink study. A number of these “Olink Insights” tools are currently under development, and a free basic data visualizations and statistical analyses app, Olink Insights Stat Analysis is already available.