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Olink® Flex — Inflammation research on your terms

Olink’s highly flexible made-to-order product, Olink® Flex, enables you to select and combine targets for up to 21 human proteins in one biomarker panel with results reported in absolute quantification (pg/mL) and relative quantification (NPX). Pick and choose from over 200 inflammation-related human proteins with 99% combinability in a broad mix-and-match library.

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A key goal of immuno-oncology is to develop treatments that take advantage of the immune system to eradicate cancer. This panel is targeting biomarkers involved in biological pathways central for immuno-oncology research e.g., angiogenesis, growth regulation, apoptosis and immunity.

Of the 21 assays included in this panel, a major part are interleukins and CXC chemokines, and it also includes several targets for cancer immunotherapy currently being investigated in both pre-clinical and clinical environments such as TIGIT and LAG3.

🔗 Immuno-oncology Template panel

Cytokine storm

This panel includes assays carefully selected for their scientifically proven importance in the uncontrolled inflammatory response condition commonly referred to as cytokine storm, a severe immune reaction in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly. Infections, autoimmune conditions, and other diseases can trigger a cytokine storm, and in some cases, it can also occur after immunotherapy treatment.

The specific signature of this panel includes 10 interleukin assays, seven CC/CXC motif chemokine assays and three interferon assays, among others.

🔗 Cytokine storm Template panel

IFN stimulation

Interferons (IFNs) are secreted cytokines that stimulate thousands of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs). Approximately 10% of the genes in the human genome have the potential to be regulated by IFNs. Many of the proteins encoded by ISGs have been shown to have antiviral, antiproliferative, or adaptive immune functions. The IFN stimulation panel has been developed from the findings in the Nature Immunology paper “In vivo CRISPR screens reveal the landscape of immune evasion pathways across cancer” together with coauthor Dr. Mehta. In this study, immune evasion genes are being identified together with important immune inhibitory checkpoints conserved across renal carcinoma and melanoma.

🔗 IFN stimulation Template panel

🔗 Publication: In vivo CRISPR screens reveal the landscape of immune evasion pathways across cancer

Key features & benefits

High combinability

Select 15-21 protein biomarkers and analyze 40 samples simultaneously.

Convenient workflow

Less than 2 hours hands-on time and no washing steps.

Inflammation assay-focused

Biologically relevant inflammation-related proteins, selected in collaboration with experts.

Flexible quantification methods

Results reported in pg/mL (absolute quantification) or NPX (relative quantification).

Minimal sample volume

Use only 1 μL of blood to measure up to 21 proteins simultaneously.

Fast delivery

Receive your Olink Flex panel 3-5 weeks after placing the order.

What to expect when ordering Olink Flex

How does it work?

Choose and combine 15-21 pre-validated assays from an extensive Olink library using our online panel design tool in Olink® Insight. Each assay maintains the quality, performance, specificity, and sensitivity that our other products are known for. Our internal controls remove the need to run replicate samples, and the data is reported in absolute (pg/mL) or relative (NPX) quantification.

Olink Flex gives you a streamlined workflow with robust performance. There is no need for time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material. Olink Flex runs on Olink® Signature Q100, a low maintenance, auto-calibrated instrument for data readout that facilitates unattended operation. Use the NPX Signature software for built-in QC and data analysis.

Uniquely scalable

The Olink platforms scale from our highplex product Olink® Explore 3072, to midplex Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96 down to customized lowplex Olink® Focus and Olink Flex.

All Olink platforms use our patented Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which provides exceptional specificity and sensitivity due to its dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology. We offer the same high data quality regardless of plex-size.

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  • Sample & data analysis

  • Run samples with Olink Flex panels on Olink® Signature Q100.
    Use the NPX Signature software for built-in QC and data analysis.


Service Providers of Olink® Technology

The Olink Flex panels are available with the flexibility to best suit your needs. You can choose whether to purchase the panels as kits and run them in your own lab, or to send your samples to one of the many Service Providers of Olink® Technology around the world offering sample analysis service.
If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please contact your chosen Service Provider.

Inflammation and disease

Inflammation is activated in response to tissue damage, pathogens, toxins, and other factors. Persistent, chronic inflammation is associated with many diseases characterized by tissue and organ damage caused by the infiltration of primary inflammatory immune cells that release pro-inflammatory cytokines.

To help study inflammation across a broad spectrum of diseases, Olink offers the broadest and most comprehensive set of high-quality, multiplexed inflammation biomarker assays on the market.

A benchtop system for protein biomarker analysis

Olink® Signature Q100 is a user-friendly instrument for readout of all Olink® Flex, Target and Focus protein biomarker panels. Learn more about this benchtop solution and how to streamline your protein biomarker analysis.

Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics

Curious about how Olink technology delivers this scale of multiplexing and sample throughput without compromising on data quality or assay robustness?

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