Flexibility without compromise

Olink® Flex

Olink® Flex is a customizable made-to-order product that enables the selection and combination of up to 21 human proteins into one biomarker panel. Mix and match from ~200 thoroughly pre-validated protein biomarkers.

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Explore the Olink Flex pre-designed panel selection

Getting started is easy! Olink Flex offers a selection of 21-plex protein biomarker panels spanning a wide range of research areas, designed by or in collaboration with experts in the field.

Customize the biomarker content to your research needs by mixing and matching from the entire Flex assay library or build an entirely new panel of up to 21 protein biomarkers.

A selection of biomarkers involved in biological pathways central for immuno-oncology research e.g., angiogenesis, growth regulation, apoptosis, and immunity.

Includes the most important cytokines characterizing the Th1/Th2/Th17 inflammatory profiles, thereby providing the ultimate solution for studies of the immune system.

Developed together with Dr. Mehta and based on findings from the Nature Immunology paper “In vivo CRISPR screens reveal the landscape of immune evasion pathways across cancer”.

Curated with biomarkers crucial in age-related changes of the immune system, enabling studies of systemic chronic inflammation in aging.

Tailored with biomarkers scientifically proven as crucial in the uncontrolled inflammatory response condition commonly referred to as cytokine storm.

Scientific advancements with Olink Flex

“With its ability to provide precise concentrations of various cytokines in both inflamed and healthy skin, Olink Flex was instrumental in distinguishing between different inflammatory skin conditions.

Moreover, while using minimal volumes (1 μl) of skin interstitial fluid, Olink Flex has demonstrated its capability to detect cytokines such as type I Interferons, which are challenging to identify through our Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.”

Dr. Khashayar Afshari
Department of Dermatology, UMASS

Run your Olink® Flex panels on Signature Q100

Olink® Signature Q100 is a user-friendly instrument for readout of all Olink® Flex, Target and Focus protein biomarker panels. Olink Flex combined with Olink Signature Q100 gives you an efficient workflow with robust performance. There is no need for time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material. Learn more about this benchtop solution and how to streamline your protein biomarker analysis.

Use service providers around the world

Olink® Flex panels offer mid-plex proteomics with unequaled flexibility and absolute quantification to cover a wide range of needs. You may select to buy the panels as kits and run them on Olink® Signature Q100 in your own lab, or to send your samples to one of the many Service Providers of Olink® Technology around the world that offer premium sample analysis services.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, please contact your chosen Service Provider.

Discover a robust and scalable workflow

Want to learn more about how Olink® Flex combined with Olink® Signature Q100 gives you a robust and scalable workflow, without complicated dilution calculations and time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material?

What to expect when ordering Olink Flex

How does it work?

Mix and match 15-21 pre-validated assays from an extensive Olink library using our online panel design tool in Olink® Insight. Each assay maintains the quality, performance, specificity, and sensitivity that our other products are known for. Our internal controls remove the need to run replicate samples, and the data is reported in absolute (pg/mL) or relative (NPX) quantification.

Olink Flex gives you a streamlined workflow with robust performance. There is no need for time-consuming washing steps that could cause loss of material. Olink Flex runs on Olink® Signature Q100, a low maintenance, auto-calibrated instrument for data readout that facilitates unattended operation. Use the NPX Signature software for built-in QC and data analysis.

Uniquely scalable

The Olink platforms scale from our high-plex product Olink® Explore 3072, to mid-plex Olink® Target 48 and Olink® Target 96 down to customized low-plex Olink® Focus and Olink Flex.

All Olink platforms use our patented Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which provides exceptional specificity and sensitivity due to its dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology. We offer the same high data quality regardless of plex-size.

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  • Review the Olink Flex Assay list.
    Study the selected template panels.
    Watch the instruction video for the panel selection tool in Olink Insight.

  • The Flex panel builder in Olink® Insight

  • Design and request your Olink Flex panel.
    Select from template panels put together by experts.
    Export and share panel designs with collaborators.
    Request your selected panels.

  • The Olink Flex team

  • Get contacted by an Olink expert for execution of your order.
    Your panels are prepared and quality controlled.

  • Delivery

  • Kits, Panel Data File and a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are shipped within ~3-5 weeks.
    The Panel Data file and CoA are shipped to your account in Olink Insight.

  • Sample & data analysis

  • Run samples with Olink Flex panels on Olink® Signature Q100.
    Use the NPX Signature software for built-in QC and data analysis.


Olink® Flex – flexibility without compromise on data quality

With other technologies, combining your particular protein assays of choice can create significant problems with data quality. Using our unique PEA technology, however, means that Olink Flex can provide you will all the flexibility you need to mix and match up to 21 protein assays with 99% combinability while maintaining the exceptional data quality that Olink is known for. Each and every assay is transparently validated to the highest standards and you can be fully confident that whatever combination of assays you select for your Flex will work together and deliver high quality data with excellent specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range. If you need more convincing, read on below!

Ensuring quality with flexibility:
Olink® Flex validation & verification

This white paper transparently presents some of the results from our verification and validation tests carried out during the development of Olink Flex. 

Podcast with Katarina Hornaeus – product manager Flex
Listen to Katarina explaining how Olink performs the validation of each combination of mix and match assays from the Flex library. She also explains why you can trust the 99% combinability of these assays and how this compares to other products on the market.

A straightforward protocol designed to maximize data quality
This robust workflow with no washing steps and  pre-defined sample dilution schemes reduces the user-to-user variability and minimizes the risk for human error.

How does Olink compare to other multiplex protein analysis platforms? 
This white paper describes a study comparing three established multiplex platforms for measuring multiple cytokines, with performance measured by dynamic range, precision, dilution series in buffer, and linearity .

Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics

Curious about how Olink technology delivers this scale of multiplexing and sample throughput without compromising on data quality or assay robustness?

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