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Olink’s mission is to accelerate proteomics together with the scientific community, to understand real-time biology and gain actionable insights into human health and disease. We believe this will drive the development of better, more targeted therapies and help revolutionize future healthcare through the implementation of precision medicine. Learn more about us below!

Who we are

Olink Proteomics is a Swedish company dedicated to innovation, quality, and transparency, providing advanced products and services for protein biomarker discovery. Our ground-breaking, scalable proteomics solutions help scientists conduct high quality proteomics research over a wide range of multiplexing levels and sample throughput to meet their individual needs.

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Our head office is located in Uppsala, Sweden, which has a rich history of innovation in protein technology development. We also have offices in Boston, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo, as well as partnerships with trained Olink analysis service providers all over the world.

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Careers at Olink proteomics

If you share our commitment to strengthening our Olink community of users through quality support and service, as well as our vision to improve the treatment of disease and global health, then you may be just the person we are looking for.


We are constantly developing new methods, tools, and applications using Olink technology. Explore our news posts to see the latest updates on what is happening in the Olink community.


Olink looks to stay engaged with the scientific community and keep scientists up to date with the latest developments in our protein biomarker discovery solutions through participation in key events. Whether hosting or participating, at traditional or online events, Olink will be there to connect with you.


Olink hosts and sponsors high-quality, informative webinars featuring some of the internationally renowned scientists that we are proud to call customers! Join our live events to engage in the discussion, or view our on-demand recordings at your convenience.

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