Olink® Explore HT

Capture true biological insights with proven specificity. At any scale.

Olink Explore HT enables you to perform high-throughput biomarker discovery with ease. Gain an understanding of disease at the protein level.

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Unprecedented power

Olink Explore HT is the next-generation solution for high-throughput proteomics. Run in your lab or access via our worldwide network of service providers.

with proven specificity
2 µL
Plasma, serum & more
Negligible cross-reactivity
Dynamic range
10 logs
Automated workflow

Developed for specificity,
validated for quality

Our dual-recognition, DNA-coupled technology delivers industry-leading specificity, eliminating wrong targets, misinterpretation and wasted resources. Every assay undergoes a rigorous validation process, ensuring quality data you can trust.


Carefully curated to provide deeper biological insights

Our biomarker selection strategy focuses on functional, actionable, druggable and circulating proteins. Drawn from protein annotations, publications, clinical trials, approved therapies, and researcher requests.

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validated protein assays
High coverage
more than the previous
Top-level pathway coverage
84% of all pathways

Realize any project
you can imagine

Olink Explore HT is designed for outstanding performance at any scale of protein biomarker discovery, from tens to millions of samples. This scalability is enabled by a streamlined, automated workflow and a comprehensive software suite, all optimized for high-throughput data acquisition.

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4x faster
than the previous
datapoints per week
with 1 instrumentation line
Project completion
12 weeks
50,000 samples analyzed
with 2 instrumentation lines

Revealing the truth of human disease.
Protein by protein.

Olink’s trusted proteomics solutions are helping to bridge the gap between genomics and human diseases. Population-scale studies are increasingly being used to provide comprehensive views of protein expression patterns across the diversity of human biology. Olink technology has been applied to one of the world’s largest proteomic health studies, revealing biomarkers that can predict cancer more than a decade before diagnosis.

UK Biobank

The largest collection of next-generation proteomic data

Olink Explore enables the pioneering UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project. This ongoing population-scale project, backed by a pharma consortium, applied the Olink Explore platform for proteomic analysis of over 50,000 participants. To date, over 10,000 genetic associations for 1,463 proteins have been released, with more to come.

The protein data is freely available on the Olink Insight platform.

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More data.
Less effort.

Accelerate your biomarker discovery with a 4-fold faster workflow and 6-fold reduction in reagents. The new Olink Explore HT software suite simplifies data analysis, allowing you to derive actionable biological findings faster.​

7x more
to reveal additional biological insights
6x fewer
to save time and resources
With Olink Explore HT, we’ve reimagined our packaging, resulting in a 10-fold reduction in boxes and a 6-fold decrease in components. This modernized approach benefits the environment and saves your freezer space.

Eliminate, simplify, automate

The software is designed for faster data analysis and more extensive quality control, with a fully automated workflow to optimize the data pipeline, making your large-scale proteomics projects simple and efficient.​

Analysis-ready data
Olink NPX Explore HT
Advanced software performing QC analysis & delivering Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) values and raw data counts – providing data you can trust.
Command-line interface
Olink Explore CLI
Powerful software facilitating efficient analysis of large-scale data sets through seamless integration with laboratory LIMS.
Built-in quality control
Simplified Plate QC
A new integrated software concept for better, faster QC, minimizing manual steps and optimizing your data pipeline.

Amplify discovery.
Advance genomics.

When you combine proteomic data with genomic datasets, your statistical significance skyrockets. Olink data is designed for maximum transparency and comparability – whether you’re investigating novel drug targets or digging deeper into existing sample collections to repurpose on-market therapies.


The key to finding proteins that cause disease

Olink’s next-generation proteomics platform, renowned for its unparalleled specificity and comprehensive coverage, is the definitive choice for identifying protein Quantitative Trait Loci (pQTLs).

Learn how pQTL analysis with Olink proteomics data is revealing novel drug targets and new insights into disease pathways in the white paper, “Empower Genomics with Proteomics”.

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Proven technology,
validated by scientists

Olink Explore HT was built in close collaboration with the scientific community, and the tools and services we prioritize are the ones our customers ask for. This close relationship drives proteomics forward.

“We have successfully used this platform to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for gynecological cancer. The platform unlocks a powerful multiomics-based approach across the entire drug development process.”

Ulf Gyllensten, PhD
Professor of Medical Molecular Genetics at Uppsala University, Sweden

An outstanding track-record,
from biomarker discovery to clinical utility

As the industry-leading solution for protein biomarker research, Olink technology is used by the world’s leading academic institutions and top pharma companies.

Across every major
disease area
Globally established
Academic institutions and organizations
Trusted by
Top 20

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