Olink Analysis Service

Let our experts run your samples.

Next generation proteomics as a service

At Olink, we offer a high capacity analysis service for comprehensive protein biomarker analyses using our disease- and biological process-focused multiplexed panels. Dedicated analysis service specialists will work with you to provide the data you need to accelerate your research and make informed decisions faster.

Analytical services for Olink Target and Olink Explore

Our experts can help you with:

  • Design of assay setup
  • Sample analysis
  • Data normalization
  • Delivery of results normally within 4-8 weeks from analysis initiation

Analysis Service workflow

Run your samples @Olink Analysis Service and let our experts help you from sample analysis to actionable insights. Our qualified service labs in Uppsala and Boston will support you from Pre-study discussion to results. If you need support or want to discuss additional analysis of your data after your project, Olink will be at your service all the way.
As a customer you have easy access to the Olink technology through Olink Analysis Service. You own your data and can chose to run your samples on either the Olink® Explore platform, using NGS as readout method or on the Target 96 platform using qPCR.
With our seamless workflow we are able to deliver high quality data in a secure way and with high throughput. Your data will be processed through our rigorous qualification control process and our experts will work together with you to make sure you get the most out of your data.
Let us help you understand real-time biology with the power of Olink®!

  • Pre-study discussion

  • An Olink representative is happy to talk to you about the set up for an optimal analysis process.

  • Quote and agreement

  • A quotation will be given and when accepted, an agreement between you and Olink will be signed.

  • Sample shipment and reception

  • Guidelines for how samples shall be shipped will be provided. You will receive a confirmation when the samples arrive at Olink.

  • Analysis and quality control

  • Our experts performs the analysis at Olink’s lab facilities, and the quality control of the generated data by using Olink software.

  • Approval and data delivery

  • After final approval of the quality, result files and Analysis Report will be shared with you.

  • Invoicing

  • An invoice will be sent in accordance with the agreement.

  • Sample disposal, return or storage

  • Remaining sample volumes can either be discarded, returned or stored at Olink according to your request.

  • After sales support

  • Olink representatives are at your service!



Olink Analysis Service follows the requirements of ISO 17025 but the PEA test method is not accredited. Testing of clinical trial samples is performed according to written SOPs and applicable GCP requirements.

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