High throughput discovery

Olink® Explore 3072

A high-throughput protein biomarker discovery platform offering uncompromised data quality.

Measure the concentration of thousands of human plasma proteins using minute amounts of sample with our high-throughput protein biomarker discovery platform based on Olink’s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology coupled with NGS readout on Illumina instruments.

With Olink® Explore 3072, you have access to the entire Olink® protein library of ~3000 protein assays for exploratory proteomics and multiomics studies. For more focused projects, you can choose from one or several of the eight Explore 384-plex panels that make up the Explore 3072 library.

What is Olink Explore?

Explore 3072 empowers scientists involved in drug development, clinical research or basic life science research who are looking to run large-scale discovery proteomics studies.

The Explore 3072 library includes biomarkers that contribute the most to key research questions and cover as many biological pathways and functions as possible. Five main categories of proteins were defined during target selection, and each assay can be classified into one or more of these categories.

  • Low-abundant inflammation proteins
  • Proteins actively secreted into blood circulation
  • Approved and ongoing drug target proteins
  • Organ-specific proteins that have leaked into blood circulation
  • Proteins representing more exploratory potential biomarkers

Key features & benefits


∼3000 validated protein assays

Covers all major biological pathways


High sample throughput

Suitable for large-scale proteomics studies


Minimal sample consumption

Uses just 6 µL for the complete library, saving precious biological samples


Exceptional specificity

Provides results you can trust thanks to our proprietary PEA technology


High sensitivity & broad dynamic range

Enables the analysis of both low and high abundance proteins (fg/mL – mg/mL)

How does it work?

The unique technology behind the Olink platforms, Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, is an innovative dual recognition, DNA-coupled methodology providing exceptional readout specificity. PEA enables high multiplex, rapid throughput biomarker analysis without compromising on data quality.

The Explore 3072 library consists of eight disease and biological process focused Explore 384-plex panels. This offering is flexible and scalable, using approximately 1 µL of blood sample per 384-plex panel. You can either simultaneously screen the entire library, or focus on one or several of the Explore 384-plex panels. Disease relevant biomarkers can also be placed in other Explore 384 panels for optimal readout quality.

The Explore 384-plex panels

  1. Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic
  2. Olink® Explore 384 Cardiometabolic II
  3. Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation
  4. Olink® Explore 384 Inflammation II
  5. Olink® Explore 384 Neurology
  6. Olink® Explore 384 Neurology II
  7. Olink® Explore 384 Oncology
  8. Olink® Explore 384 Oncology II

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UniProt is to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and functional information.

Proteogenomics and the unique power of pQTLs

When cis-pQTL data is combined with phenotypic data in a Mendelian Randomization (MR) analysis, it provides extremely strong evidence that the protein plays a causal role in the disease or biological process being studied.

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Proteomics on NGS

By combining our signature protein technology, the Proximity Extension Assay, with NGS, Olink have made it possible to conduct high-throughput proteomics that is scalable without sacrificing specificity and sensitivity.

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